दिल की नज़र से....

दिल की नज़र से....
(चेतावनी- इस ब्लॉग के सर्वाधिकार (कॉपीराइट) ब्लॉग के संचालनकर्ता और लेखक वैभव आनन्द के पास सुरक्षित है।)

गुरुवार, 18 फ़रवरी 2010

Less importnt for u, but other's needs that due...

Like a fresh rose,
Like a fresh drop of dew,
U r all new,
Can u tell me, who r u?

Soon I asked this,
To the grass and park…
I wasn’t alone,
In search of some unknown,
Seated on a bench,
Seeing either side’s
Graveyard, which is like my mood,
Compiled with gray tone.

After a bunch of time,
I’ll have to go back,
Take with a fresh air,
And backing like relax track,
Like a river moved from
I too moved from here,
Till tomorrow evening,
This bench and this park’s
Slightly yellowish grass,
Would Play with my,
All thrown sorrows,
And heavy mood,
Like a ping-pong….

Will back I,
They both will goose me
With there
Child like eye…
Nothing happened.
Act and lie –
“We don’t use the thrown